R.E.C. Actor/Model Taiyo

Taiyo Lane, 6, is sure to grab the attention of any audience. Known for his big afro and even bigger smile, as well as his outgoing attitude and sense of humor, Taiyo began his career as a toddler with modeling gigs for Macy's Catalog and The Place Catalog, and can be seen in an upcoming documentary on HBO. 

Taiyo says he used to become nervous in front of cameras, but is now a pro. He states he is a good actor, "because I act like myself," then adds with a whisper, "That's my secret."Professionally ambitious, Taiyo easily identifies his motivation: "I want to buy all the video games. It's all about the video games! Oh and Mommy can get a house, too."

Taiyo holds a purple belt in karate, plays in a pee wee basketball league, and loves wrestling, listing Triple H as his favorite.