Reign Entertainment Co.


At the age of 17, C.E.O. Robyn Willard founded Reign Entertainment Co., an arts & entertainment company that highlights Black excellence through all facets of the arts. Robyn is a visionary, an innovator and creative spirit that has engulfed herself in the world of business and entrepreneurial endeavors. 

In 2012 Robyn signed her best friend, Stephanie Whittaker onto Reign Entertainment Co. and announced the “Rob x Steph” brand collaboration featuring one of a kind paintings, fashion, film and much more.  Reign Entertainment Co., is also the umbrella company of two equally thriving subsidiaries:  World Wide Reign Graphics and Reign Entertainment Co. Film & Animation which are redefining the world of arts and entertainment.

 "Reign Entertainment Co. is a Family Support System where We Learn to Identify our Purpose and Value without Boundaries" ~ Robyn


Robyn Willard - Team Player

S. Whittaker - Team Player

Keiya -  Team Player

Taiyo -  Team Player